The “Green Machine”

Named for its reduced reagent consumption, the “Green Machine” changes how we think about Cost, Speed, Quality, and Workflows in oligonucleotide synthesis.

Cost Reduction, and Speed

By miniaturizing the geometry and synthesizing oligonucleotides on a reaction substrate capable of accommodating up to 1,536 unique oligonucleotides rather than the industry standard 96 , the Green Machine reduces the size of each reaction resulting in low reagent consumption and significant cost saving.

The combination of a 16-fold reduction in substrate geometry, the utilization of ultra-high speed motion control, a reagent delivery system designed for the rapid dispense of small volumes, in addition to reducing the required reagent quantities, allows for an approximately 50x further cost reductions further reducing the cost of consumables and overall project costs.


The Green Machines unique engineering controls allow for real time process verification throughout the discrete synthesis steps in all individual 1,536 wells. The synchronous monitoring system eliminates the likelihood of individual failures that require costly and time consuming remakes, post-process purifications, and other downstream quality control issues and are ideal for those working in GLP/GMP environments.


In addition to its relatively small footprint, the Green Machine’s scalable, fully automated workflow with minimal hands-on time, is not only user friendly, but can work as a stand alone or be networked with up to nine other Green Machine instruments to achieve production scaled capacity.